Don’t Forget the Donuts

Could you eat an apple fritter this big?

How about a warm cinnamon roll?

Now…if you like homemade donuts, this is the place to go in Bartlesville. They have all fresh baked stuff every day. You don’t want to miss this. This is great stuff and you won’t go away hungry!

5 thoughts on “Don’t Forget the Donuts

  1. If Lisa has the best donuts, then I’m not even going to try! 🙂 If you come, we’ll have donuts from her shop! Stephanie

  2. Dr. Bob: This tempting shop is right around the corner from our house! Next time you go there, you’ll have to come visit the Leupps! Seriously. 🙂 Stephanie

  3. Hey, Lisa…great to hear from you. For those blog readers out there, Lisa owns and makes all the donuts at the shop and she is just a great person. Make sure and visit and eat some!!!

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